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I am a web developer that wants your business to succeed in what all digital media can offer you. With my background and experience on the web, I can be your marketing and design consultant. The services I offer like web development, graphic design, content writing and Facebook marketing; can help get new businesses started and even help businesses that have been in the game for awhile a breath of fresh air in the right direction!
Web Development Company in the Quad Cities

Design & Web Development Services

Michael Wallace Designs

Website Development

Websites are built to be mobile responsive, Google Analytics installed and efficient meta data created to help search engines find you! I can do any project!

Facebook Marketing

We will collaborate on a marketing direction and gear to engage your fans! This will lead to more website visitors and promotion conversions for your business.

Graphic Design

Create designs for your print and digital ad campaigns or to help boost your brand by engaging viewers. We also design brochures, posters and billboards.
web development in the quad cities

Websites For Your Business

I build websites that exceed the expectation of my clients from start to finish. All websites are responsive to device, SEO ready and built using the content to best capture website visitors. All website designs are user-friendly on all tablet and mobile devices along with the desktop versions. Roughly 65% of your website viewers access your website on their smartphones. Your website will be accessible on all devices. With the rise of people making purchases on their phones, your E-commerce store will be set-up to make sure all visitors have a great experience.

I would love to hear about your project

I am available by phone or email. Talk to you soon.

My Design Process & Workflow.

The detailed process I utilize by diagnosing a design solution, research, conceptualization and production of the project.
Project Research
Gain knowledge of your design by figuring out a solution.
Structuring the content in a rough overview before designing.
Build the concept from the research, content and sketch or mock up overview.
Completion of the project to a successful state from designer to client.

Let’s Work Together

We will target what your goals are and make that a point of emphasis and crush them together!